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I Hope This Guy Who Got Demolished By A Bull Is Dead

People are probably thinking right now with my headline…“Yo Pres chillout…. such a clickbait headline blah,blah, blah.”   WRONG.   I honestly hope this guy is dead.  Put that on a tshirt and print it.  D-E-A-D.   Because longtime Stoolies know there is nothing I root for harder than Bulls goring humans to death in the running of the bulls.  I fucking hate this event.  It’s so unfair.  The bull always dies at the end.  It doesn’t matter how many people the bull tramples or how fast it runs or how elusive it is.   The bull always gets stabbed to death in the end.   Total crap.   There is nothing honorable about that.   If you’re going to murder the bull at least give him a shot to win.  Like if he kills 10 humans he is set free.   The bull didn’t ask to participate in this event.  The least you can do is give him a shot to survive. Otherwise it’s just glorified murder.