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Wellness Vlogger Accidentally Eats A Poisonous Plant During Live Stream

Mashable- Natural remedies are great and all, but sometimes they go terribly wrong. Eating raw aloe vera is a new trend in China, particularly among young women who livestream themselves consuming the plant for all its health benefits. But things took a decidedly unhealthy turn for one wellness vlogger, who realized the plant she took a hearty bite of while broadcasting was not, in fact, aloe. The 26-year-old woman was actually eating Agave americana, a plant which contains toxins that can cause burns and swelling in the throat. It does look very similar to an aloe plant, so it’s an easy enough mistake to make. In the video, she at first comments that the plant is “so good” and then almost immediately informs viewers that it is “bitter.” The video then cuts out. Luckily, she realized quickly enough that something wasn’t right and got to the hospital in time.

Lemme tell you something. Her cutting off the live steam after she realized the plants she was chomping on was poisonous is bullshit. Total bullshit. That’s what live streams are all about. Do you think we’d cut off a Barstool live stream cause one of us accidentally ate a poisonous plant? Absolutely not. That’s like accidentally stumbling upon a billion dollars and being like, “No thanks.” We’d toss that thing on Periscope and follow the person to the hospital and hope they died. This what other internet entities don’t understand. Chaos is king. Live video thrives on the unpredictable. Do you think more people are interested in someone eating an aloe vera plant to help them be healthier or someone accidentally eating a poisonous plant and the ensuing madness? Exactly. The answer is obvious. If the person dies, they die. Even better. That’s more headlines than this wellness vlogger could ever dream of. Content content content.