This Girl With 1 Million Followers Isn't Sure Why Athletes DM Her. Is Truly Stumped

NYP - Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell is the latest to receive a social media smackdown after Instagram model Karen Vi blasted the Pro Bowler for sliding into her DMs over the weekend.

“I will never understand why dudes or athletes, especially those with gf’s [girlfriends] even TRY. Truly makes me sick,” Vi posted on her Instagram story, via The Big Lead.

“Didn’t he just have a baby with a beautiful girl,” she continued. “Bye Felipe.”

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Really, Karen? Really? You will never understand why athletes slide into your DMs? Just can’t comprehend it? Hmmmm. Interesting. 1 million followers, and just can’t grasp why dudes DM her?

What I don’t understand is why these Instagram girls think they are accomplishing anything by pointing out they get DM’d by athletes. The worst of them is Mia Kalifa, a girl who got famous for doing porn, who then turns around is like “look at this football player DM’ing me, what an asshole!”. How that makes guys assholes, I will never know. Shooters shoot. If you aren’t interested, say so, or ignore it. And even more so, Le’Veon Bell isn’t married. Putting him on blast just makes her look awful, not him.