Cyclist Has To Rip His Clothes Off And Let It Rip Mid Race

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 10.13.58 AM

Before we get going, I wanna say that I’m a huge cycling fan. Professional cycling is incredible. The way that they *clinches fist* ride those fucking bikes… I love it.

This poor fella. My dude was riding his bike like a damn professional and finally had to succumb to the inner turmoil that is diarrhea. To be clear, I dont know for sure that this cyclist had diarrhea but one does simply not get off his bike mid-race for a solid stool. You ride that turtle head to the very end.

The struggle that this guy must have been fighting eternally is appalling. You’d be riding for minutes thinking only about the situation that is bubbling up in your britches. You can’t concentrate on anything else. Just that you need to go. Bad. Can you imagine? Riding with all those cars and other bikers and the situation reaches the point where you just submit to your body and think “well, behind this sign is as good as any. Let me just pedal my ass up there and rip off my clothes and defecate on this mountain. Tragic.

Luckily no one really watches professional biking so people wont ever see it. His secret poop is safe with us. At least he didnt burn down the woods afterward like this long time stoolie.