A Woman Pretending To Be Homeless Got Busted By Some Guy, For Some Reason Thought A McDonald's Drive Thru Would Help Her

According to the YouTube uploader, the woman in the video was seen doing some version of her homeless grift in areas around Richmond, Virginia. And it seems pretty obvious to me that if you are panhandling with a sign declaring you’re homeless, you probably shouldn’t also be getting into a 2014 Fiat that’s cleaner than most people who don’t pretend to live on the streets. That’s day one fake hobo stuff. But this chick is so fresh and clean looking, in amazing shape, skin not looking all dried up and sun weathered as you’d expect from a real homeless person…if you’re giving this lady money, your hobo sense has to be tingling a little. She looks much more like a women’s lib professor at the local community college or an ethically lacking pilates coach than a homeless person. In my opinion the onus of homelessness judging falls squarely on you. If you give money to everyone you see, great, but otherwise I imagine it being more like quick impromptu Homeless Idol auditions they’re not aware they’re a part of. If they can move me with their presentation or story, fine, the dollar is theirs no matter how that money may end up used. And if they don’t pass the homeless sniff test (figuratively or literally) then everyone should pick up on it and not give them a dime.

But either way good call by the fake homeless gal going to the McDonald’s drive thru workers for help. If anyone’s going to have a ton of sympathy for a faux hobo grifter, it’s minimum wage workers with no sort of legal authority who also happen to be busting their asses to make ends meet while this chick probably makes 2-3x what they make in half the time. Very sympathetic ears for sure, that much was obvious:

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 2.31.55 PM

Fuck this lady, good for the McDonald’s workers who shouldn’t have to waste their time on this dumb shit, and I guess good job by the busybody dude filming who seems to REALLY fucking hate fake homeless life. You’ve caught your white whale my friend.