ARod Can't Tell Us if He Got Invited to Jeter Day or Not

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NY Daily NewsIt seems A-Rod may have gotten snubbed by The Captain.

In an awkward session with reporters, Alex Rodriguez would not give a firm answer as to whether he was invited to Derek Jeter’s jersey retirement last Sunday night.

Given the opportunity to dispel any talk that he wasn’t invited, A-Rod left reporters hanging.

Asked specifically, “Did they ask you to come up or could you have come up?” A-Rod responded: “It was Mother’s Day. I was with my mother.”

Failing to answer a simple “yes” seemed to imply Rodriguez was not invited to the ceremony, which was attended by several other Yankee luminaries. A-Rod was not on the list of expected attendees sent out by the team.

“I don’t know if he was invited,” A-Rod’s spokesman Ron Berkowitz told the Daily News at the time. “I have no idea.”

This is by far the aspect of Derek Jeter’s career I miss the most since he retired. The painfully and hilariously excruciating relationship with ARod. Not the lineup of smokeshows, the gift baskets, all the excuse making when he was one of the worst defensive shortstop in MLB or the decade or so he wasn’t even the best shortstop in his own infield but never got moved, and not all the credit he got for living in New York without getting arrested. It’s Captain Intangibles undisguised and utter contempt for ARod.

Not that I blame him in the least. Even the biggest Yankees fans I know despised him from the moment he put on the NY hat. But the way Jeter manages to keep the hatred going even this long after bygones should have been bygones is gold. Jetes could’ve just let the team put ARod on the list as yet another guy he won a ring with and it wouldn’t have affected his day in the slightest. But he wasn’t about to pass up the chance to degrade and humiliate his old nemesis.

It’s the essence of team comedy. Two opposites thrust together by one thing they have in common. One always trying to win the other’s approval by getting nothing but ridicule. Driving each other insane. It goes all the way back to Laurel & Hardy, up to Jay Pritchett and Phil Dunphy on Modern Family and every iteration of The Odd Couple in between. And the real sin is that this relationship will never be turned into the reality show it should be. Because you know Rodriguez would sign on in a nanosecond but Jeter would straight up murder him first.

RE2PECT, you biracial angel.