Belligerent Penguins Fan Says "I'm Not Leaving, I Paid Too Much For The Seat", Promptly Gets Kicked Out And Tazed

Pittsburgh – Police said they had to use a Taser twice on a suspect who allegedly attacked an officer during an arrest inside PPG Paints Arena on Monday night. Jason Miller, 29, is charged with aggravated assault, strangulation, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct following the incident during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators. Security workers at the arena had asked for help dealing with an unruly patron who was using profanities. According to a criminal complaint, when an officer approached Miller he allegedly said “I’m not leaving. I paid too much for the seat.” Police said Miller continued to refuse to leave and, when an officer pulled a Taser out, Miller began to mock him and asked his girlfriend to start recording video. The officer then grabbed Miller by the jersey and escorted him to the concourse but they say he continued to resist and tried to break free. Police were finally able to get Miller to an elevator and began to try to get him handcuffed and that’s when he allegedly attacked one of the officers, pinning her to the corner of the elevator and choking her. A Taser was then used twice on Miller and he was handcuffed. The officer who was attacked suffered a knee injury during the struggle. Miller is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on May 24.

HA! The sad thing is those seats are, in fact, too much money for this guy. Do you know how many pills he had to sell to get those tickets? He’s spent wayyyyy too much time in the Best Buy parking lot to leave that seat without a fight. But then again, if you want to be apart of normal society, don’t be a dick. I know that’s hard for Penguins fans, but just don’t be a dick. I didn’t hear him say anything too belligerent, but then again I don’t speak racist. Maybe there was someone there to translate the Yinzer’s native language of Bigot.

Gotta love the security guard being amicable about the situation until the guy videotaping nonchalantly said “Taze him” and all of a sudden, ZAP! Anything to entertain the crowd. Then again, this guy took the 1.21 Gigawatts to the chest like a champ. He was no pussy and didn’t go down hard like “A Blogger”. This Yinzer took it – TWICE. It’s reminiscent of the thick skin/impervious drug high “I’ll Get You Bitch” guy.