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Vladimir Putin Is A True Beer League Hero And For That, I Respect Him

Big Cat blogged this interview already but I feel the need to chime in real quick.

I don’t know if it’s considered treasonous to say something like this or not, but I fucking love Vlad Putin. The world is quickly inching toward World War III. You have North Korea about to set off a nuclear war. You have Syria being a bunch of peckerheads. You’ve got Trump firing the FBI director. You’ve got all this shit going on in the world… and Vladimir Putin is just playing hockey. I’m sorry but I cannot bring myself to hate a guy like that.

World issues? Who gives a fuck, bud. He’s got a 9:30pm puck drop and it’s the only time of his day he can get away from everything. Only time of his day that he can get away from work, from his wife, from all these weasel reporters up his ass. Just let the man get out on the ice and score 9 goals a game because the opposing team is too terrified to play defense. Do you have to believe him when he says he had nothing to do with the President firing Comey? That’s for you to decide. But just let the man play hockey. Just let him sauce around out there. That’s all us Beer League Heroes ask of the world. Let us play hockey and leave us alone.

Sidenote: still one of my favorite photos of all time. A damn shame that whoever took this picture has probably been murdered since.