Diddy Is Getting Sued By His Ex-Chef For Allegedly Making Her Bring Him Snacks While He Had Sex

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NYDN- Sean (Diddy) Combs is being sued for allegedly making his chef serve him up post-sex meals. The 47-year-old rapper’s former personal chef, Cindy Rueda, alleges she was required to cook for Combs during or immediately after sexual activity and that he would make comments to her about his naked body, according to a complaint filed Monday. In the documents, Rueda claims that on more than one occasion during her employment, which lasted between January 2015 and May 2016, she was “summoned by Mr. Combs to serve him a post coital meal” and when she entered the room, Diddy was “naked and made comments about his body…and ultimately asked the visibly uncomfortable Plantiff [Rueda] if she was attracted to or liked his naked body.


Hilarious and awesome all at the same time. This is example #19349593045834095 that being famous would be AWESOME. If you can’t do this type of stuff when you’re famous then there’s no point in being famous. Fact. If you can’t have snacks delivered to you while you’re having sex then what is all the hard work for? Yeah money is great but having a ham sandwich delivered to you while you’re fucking a girl is king shit. Peak famous. That’s what you put in all those man hours for. What did this chef think she was getting into when she started working for one of the most successful men on the planet? Did she think everything was going to be completely normal? If she did then that’s on her. Also, this is the type of thing Diddy has to be happy he’s getting sued for. This makes him look awesome. Think about it. He was doing all of these things and getting zero press for it. But now it’s out in the open that Diddy likes getting snacks delivered to him during and immediately after sex. Nobody is reading this story thinking, “Well that’s lame.” Not a single person is saying that.