Is There Anything Lower Than A Grown Man Snagging A Foul Ball Away From A Child At A Minor League Baseball Game?

Possibly. It could’ve been at a Little-League game or while women attempt to play softball. That’s a bit more embarrassing for mankind. We’ve seen this behavior before, and I’m still confused to what kind of person would battle a child for a useless, inanimate object. Now if that baseball were Barry Bonds’ 756th dinger then all bets are off. That manchild has every right to dominate every man, woman, and child in the area first and pay for the hospital/court fees later. But for a useless foul ball in a minor league game? Get this loser off the grid before he devolves to stealing the beeping ball from blind kids or heckling the competitors in the Special Olympics.

The Veteran Move: 1) Catch or capture any ball in the area (preferably without knocking over any women or children). 2) Admire yourself and the baseball for NO MORE than 3 seconds by holding it in the air and/or a fist pump. 3) Look for the nearest child under 10 to give the ball. 4) Be on alert for any and all panties that drop. That’s it. Your 4-step plan to success at the ballpark. Never go full “That Guy”.