The City Of Nashville Is Still Getting Used To This "Being Good At Hockey" Thing


For the first time in franchise history, the Nashville Predators have advanced to the Western Conference Finals. And they’ve done it while only losing 2 games so far these Stanley Cup Playoffs. In case you forgot, they swept the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round which feels like seasons ago. But yeah, the Chicago Blackhawks only scored 3 goals in that entire series. The Predators have lost fewer games these playoffs than goals scored by the Blackhawks. Don’t ever ever forget that. And then yesterday they knocked off the St. Louis Blues in 6 games to advance to the WCF where they’ll either have the Ducks or the Oilers. If anybody has watched a single home playoff game in Nashville this year, you know the fans are 100% all in. Nashville and Edmonton don’t even need to pay their electric bill this month since the crowd has provided all the energy (that’s a really good sentence).

But in the midst of all the excitement, you have to remember that this is a completely new experience for the city. This is unchartered territory they’ve found themselves in. And NBC4 in Nashville just needs an adjustment period to figure out how this whole “being good at hockey” thing works. So no, the Predators are not heading to the Stanley Cup Finals. At least not yet. There are still 4 more wins in the way between now and then. Or maybe Nashville does understand how the Stanley Cup Playoffs work and they’re just cocky as fuck. Who knows? All I do know is the atmosphere at Bridgestone Arena is A1 quality and they may never lose another game there ever again.