An Angry Foreign Guy Punching At A Roulette Machine Has A Flawless Cursing Game

Spending any time around the Barstool office even when not a gambler gives you all the highs (mostly lows) of sports betting. People anxiously asking game lines, watching and yelling at the TVs, occasionally sweating and busting out aggressive curse words while the final seconds tick out and a meaningless play goes down. But there’s something so pure about this random man losing his mind at a roulette machine that I enjoyed. Obviously hearing people who speak different languages curse in English is always a delight but there’s also something so simple about his rage at the machine, as if beating it and saying the names of every vaguely Christian thing in existence in vain would somehow change his luck. It was a futile effort but the hope and feeling alive, that’s what gambling is all about.

At the same time, how do people trust any sort of gambling video game with your money? I’ve played them at a resort or something for a little cash when there’s nothing else there but how can you possibly trust the odds of a machine versus a real life game? Is there any sort of governing body that polices it to make sure the odds are properly stacked? Maybe there’s layers of control here I’m not aware of and I’m just being paranoid but I feel like people end up feeling like this poor ambiguously ethnic soul cursing the fates more often than not when playing any sort of video game gambling.