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So Remember When The Bulls Traded Luol Deng And The Tank Was Officially On? Yeah, Well They're Probably Going To End Up With The 3 Seed This Year



So in case you missed it the Bulls had a “thrilling” triple OT victory in Orlando last night. I put the word thrilling in quotes because anything that happens in the Eastern Conference this year needs to be taken with the largest grain of salt known to man. I mean look at what just happened in the course of 2 weeks.




The Bulls went from the 9th seed to tied for the 5th and a 1.5 games out of the 3rd seed. Did they go 10-0 while everyone else lost? Nope, just a nice 7 out of 10 will basically secure you home court advantage in the first round if you’re in the Eastern Conference. Soooo tanking is now pretty much out of the question. Exactly what we didn’t want to happen is going to happen. The Bulls will make the playoffs, maybe even win a series, then lose in 5 games to the Pacers or the Heat. Fuck a once in a decade type draft talent, let’s win 5 playoff games this spring!



Here’s what else you may have missed from last night’s game



-Mike Dunleavy Jr. is single handily ruining the Tank Job. It seems like he hits a big shot every single week. Hit a buzzer beater in Milwaukee a few weeks ago, hit this shot last night. He’s basically the Bulls try-hard guy, not good for tanking, but sort of fun to watch.




-Jimmy Butler played 60 minutes last night. 60. Is that a lot? Well it’s the record for most minutes in a single game in Bulls history, so yeah, that’s a lot. And guess what, there is more on the way Jimmy. You know how if you have siblings and one of them goes off to college and suddenly your parents have way more time to pay attention to you, hassle you, and be on you for various bullshit? That’s what just happened with the Deng trade. Jimmy, your big brother Luol just went to college, so now your dad, coach Thibs, is going to have to ride you every night for an insane amount of minutes. Sorry, it’s just the way he is, he needs someone to play into the ground and you’re that someone.


-Jameer Nelson did the big balls dance in everyone’s face.


And then Tony Snell stuck his basketball dick down Jameer’s throat.




Have to love Stacey calling Tony a young Scottie Pippen. Might want to pump the brakes on that one King.



-And finally, Joakim. Rough couple of weeks for him. His best friend got traded, he pouted and didn’t talk to the media, took a lot of heat for that, and then finely wised up and came out and said he’s just focused on winning. Look, I love Joakim Noah. I love rooting for him and watching him. But he needs to realize that with Deng gone and Rose out, this is his team. He is the leader. So pulling shit where you just ignore the media and sulk because your friend got traded doesn’t really fly. We all know Joakim plays an emotional game, but he has to have a little separation. He can’t just be the crazy guy in the middle anymore, he is the guy for this team. He is the veteran. There is no one else. And yes the Bulls have been wildly frustrating since April 28th 2012 but it is what it is at this point. They’ll make the playoffs and be bounced in round 1 or 2. The East is too bad for a team like the Bulls to tank. Just have to get through this year and hopefully put some pieces back together in the off-season.