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This Chick Is Selling Her Breast Implants On eBay For $500

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Daily Mail- A woman is selling her used breast implants for £500 on eBay after getting news ones when she turned 25.  Gemma, from Surrey, said she was selling the seven-year-old ‘Harley Street’ implants that were inserted before her 18th birthday. She wants £500 for the implants and has posted a variety of pictures of her ‘modelling’ them.  The post on eBay reads: ‘Here I have used 7 year old breast implants that were put in by Harley street surgeon. ‘I had surgery before my 18th birthday and changed recently before my 25th birthday. Any questions please ask. ‘Selling due to replacement.’

A couple things. One, why? Not why is she selling them. Why is she getting rid of them? Those things look great. I don’t like fake tits but I am willing to be objective here and say those tits look great. That bikini pic is fan-titty-tastic. I feel like plastic surgery is weirdly like getting tattoos. Anybody who has ever gotten a tattoo instantly wants more tattoos. I don’t know if tattoo artists put addictive ink in their guns or what but people alway want more tattoos after they get one. Same thing seems to apply to plastic surgery. All of a sudden nothing is ever enough. We’ve all seen those freaks who try and look like Barbie and Ken dolls by getting 800 plastic surgeries. So this girl saw how great her fake tits looked and decided she could do even better. A mistake IMO. Two, those puppies are gonna sell. $500 is wayyyyyyyy too low. There’s so many fucking freaks on the internet that she could charge $5,000 for her used breast implants and they’s fly off the shelves. There is absolutely some dude that loves to rub his dick between used breast implants. Set the price A LOT higher, lady.