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Alex Jones Couldn't Remember Basic Facts About His Kids Because He Ate A Big Bowl Of Chili For Lunch

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Alex Jones is a crazy person but sometimes he makes a whole lot of sense when he talks. I originally saw eye to eye with him when he first discussed the chemicals in the water that was turning frogs gay and now we find ourselves on the same page again. When you eat a big meal you can’t think clearly, that’s just a fact. My work day technically goes until like 5:30 PM but in reality I clock out the second I finish my lunch. After that my brain is much. I can’t spell, I can’t type, I can’t remember basic facts about my kids… I’m totally worthless. Particularly worthless, in fact, as I’m often worthless.

And that’s when I have a regular meal. If I have a big bowl of chili? HA! Find me a coffin because I’m dead. The only thought my brain can handle is pooping. I wouldn’t be able to remember what color my kid’s eyes are or where they go to school, I’d be laser focused on a toilet and keeping my sphincter tight.

Say what you will about Alex Jones but don’t say he’s not preaching here. Once you have a big meal you’re lifeless and need a nap, not a deposition about your fucking kids.