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Do You Think Dan Marino Thinks About Not Winning A Super Bowl Every Single Day Of His Life?



So this happened Sunday, something that happens basically every other week on air in the company of Dan Marino. Someone, usually Shannon Sharpe because he’s a fucking moron, forgets that Marino is sitting right next to him and goes off on how a quarterback without a Super Bowl ring means nothing, only to then realize, oh fuck, I just basically told Dan Marino he sucks to his face. Super awkward every time it happens, but ultimately unavoidable because let’s face it, without a ring a QB really does sort of mean nothing.



So the question is this, do you think Marino thinks about not winning a Super Bowl every single day of his life? He has to right? I mean he basically picked the worst post football profession for this shit. If I were him I would have taken all my money and gone to Wyoming or something. Sit on a ranch and fish and never think about football again. But he has to talk about football basically every single day, reminded that he doesn’t have a ring every single day. That has to absolutely eat you alive. Like I wouldn’t be shocked if Dan Marino smashes a chair over someone’s head sometime soon and has a total meltdown. You see guys like Charles Barkley and you know it bothers them, but they probably don’t think about it every day. I bet Charles Barkley only thinks about it when it is specifically brought up, it doesn’t haunt him. But not with Marino, I think it literally eats Marino alive. To be so good and not have a ring. It’s not like any old quarterback not winning a Super Bowl. It’s fucking Dan Marino, and he knows it, just consumes his every waking hour. So much pent up rage.



Anyway, what do people think. 1 for yes he thinks about it at least once a day, every single day and 10 for no way, he has money and fame, who cares.


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