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This Old Couple Dancing Is Genuinely One Of The Most Impressive Things I've Ever Seen

BURN IT DOWN! BURN THE PLACE TO THE MOTHER FUCKING GROUND! Never let anyone dance on that dance floor ever again. I’m serious. That was the greatest display of dancing anyone has ever danced. The way those two old people dance is how I think I’m dancing at a wedding after 15 vodka sodas. Just ripping it up and spinning around a girl I think I’m gonna sleep with then don’t. That’s me at every wedding. The part where the old guy pretty much palms the lady like a basketball and spins her around was shit I’d never seen before. The best part though was how they thoroughly and completely won over the crowd. That place was ROCKING by the end. At first they were all like, “Okay here we go. Another old couple with brittle bones and surgically repaired hips” and then by the end of it there was brain matter on the floor and on the walls from all the exploded heads. Aggressive clapping happening all over the room. What a whirlwind 3 minutes.