Harry Styles' New Song "Sign Of The Times" Has Saturated My Socks With Cum Tears

Remember this guy? Well, he’s been away from the music studio for a bit. And while he was away, Harry was studying Adele’s book of songwriting for the brokenhearted. Today, he dropped his brand new ballade “Sign Of The Times” and to borrow from the great JR, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! With God as my witness, my heart is broken in half. Take a listen and try not to call your mom to tell her you love her, and that you’re sorry for something. I dare you.

Also… did you guys know that Harry has a major role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming war film “Dunkirk?” Maybe I’m late to the game on that, but Jesus, leave some for the rest of us Harry. 1D breaks up so Harry says ah well, I’ll try acting, and his first role ever is in a movie that is sure to be incredible. The man is dialed in right now.