Steph Curry Went On Carpool Karaoke To Sing Some Disney Songs And No Surprise He Killed It

Karaoke starts at 6:00 if that’s all you want to see

Yeah I know all the Steph Curry haters are probably salivating at the dick to clown him for this video, but I won’t let them do it. I can’t let them do it. The man is just too goddamn great on the court and off the court. Plus he was born to and raised by the Queen Bee Sonya Curry. Everyone else can suck LeBron’s dick but you have to invest in the whole package. Yes he’s the best player since Jordan, but he’s also one of the most insufferable people in the league. Meanwhile look at Steph blaring out Disney songs. While LeBron is watching R-rated movies and Christmas movies in July, Steph is learning B-side songs from Frozen. And don’t tell me that “Love Is An Open Door” is A-side. It’s a quality B-side but B-side nonetheless. LeBron thinks a few sex trophies absolve him from being called a fuccboi, while Steph shows you how to really dad.

And I will fully admit that my heart was fluttering when they kicked off the karaoke with a Moana song. I thought a Disney movie set in the Pacific would be lame, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Rock absolutely kills it and the music is on POINT. Chaps said on an old episode of The Podfathers that it’s the best soundtrack since Beauty And The Beast. While I think that’s a stretch, it may be on the Mount Rushmore of Disney soundtracks. And I don’t throw those kind of compliments around easily. Hell if we are being honest, I ask my kid if she wants to listen to Moana songs daily just so I can listen to them. Then I listen to the slow version of “Don’t Let Me Down” from the State Farm commercial and those are my upper and downer drugs for the day.

Here are some free samples for the uninformed. If you can’t get down with The Rock singing, you can go fuck yourself. Plus Lin Manuel Miranda from Hamilton wrote these songs, so you can impress people when you tell them that you know of his “other work outside of Broadway”.


And now your downer:

Man that hurts so good.

P.S. This is more impressive than what Steph does with two basketballs, right?

Cease and desist!