SIU Baketball Team Spends The Night Stranded On I-57, Barry Hinson Conveniently Was Traveling Ahead And Made It Safely To A Hotel



(Source) Southern Illinois’ basketball team has once again caught the attention of the nation. But again, it was not for their play on the court. A few weeks after SIU-Carbondale head coach Barry Hinson made headlines for his postgame tirade, the Salukis fell victim to the crazy Midwest weather and are stranded on their team bus. SIU athletic director Mario Moccia announced Sunday night the SIU men’s basketball team was stranded on Interstate 57 in their trek back to campus after a matchup with Illinois State in Normal, Ill. Thanks to the whipping wind and snow, the bus driver pulled over to wait out the snowstorm, but when the worst of the weather passed, the bus was stuck. With I-57 closed down, state troopers could not send a tow truck to rescue the bus immediately, and Moccia confirmed the team may have to spend the night on the bus.




Do people see what’s going on here? Do they get it? Because this might be my favorite story of the year thus far. Let’s just look at the timeline.


Couple of weeks ago SIU Head Coach Barry Hinson goes on an epic tirade after his team drops another disappointing loss.



Tells them his wife is tougher, says he needs to be more consistent with his punishment and motivation, calls them mama’s boys. Says they’re like a bad dog that needs to be hit. Says quote “I’m not going to hit ‘em, I’m not going to swat them, I’m just going to leave them stranded on I-57 on the coldest night in 40 years so that they can think about how much they suck at basketball and hopefully one of them will die from hypothermia so that they can learn how to be better at running a 3-2 zone” (I may have made that last part of the quote up).


Barry Hinson, you sir are a motivational genius. This makes Bobby Knight wiping his ass in front of his players and Mike Gundy screaming about his age look like child’s play. You want your team to get tough, you want your team to stop acting like a bunch of pussies?  You make the bus driver “breakdown” on the side of the highway in -40 degree weather while you sip cocoa at the double tree down the road.  Brilliant. Barry Hinson should win coach of the year for this. This is what coaching is all about.




Also, they finally did make it out at like 2 am and had to sleep in a church in Tuscola, wouldn’t be surprised if the church’s heating had mysteriously broken as well. Barry Hinson laying out a course of traps all the way back to Carbondale.