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Forgetting To Pull Your Skimask Over Your Face Before Robbing A 7-Eleven Is Not The Brightest Idea In The World

Daily Mail- An armed robber was caught on camera holding up a convenience store in Washington DC. Unfortunately for him, he did not remember to disguise himself until the robbery was already underway. Police in the city have released a video showing the robbery, which happened at a 7-Eleven store on March 21. The man pointed a gun at the cashier and demanded cash. Having walked into the building, in full view of cameras, he only noticed his mask was not on once he was standing at the counter. He pulled it down, but a full view of his face had already been captured. The robber was seen fleeing the scene of the crime with a handful of money.

This asshole is goddamn a disgrace to criminals worldwide. I can overlook that he is being basic as fuck by not only robbing a convenience store, but robbing a 7-Eleven. Basically as generic as it gets. Apu getting robbed at gunpoint was a running gag on The Simpsons more than 20 years ago. I mean I’m not asking this guy to pull off a scheme like Clive Owen did in Inside Man, but I still have to give this mamaluke a failing grade for Creativity.

What really hurts this guy’s cause is what he does after he realizes his mask isn’t on. Once you notice that your face is being recorded by the cameras of places that are magnets for robbers, you have to abort. Just tell the cashier it was all a prank or something and calmly walk out. Is it a weird prank? Of course. But Big Cat and PFT do pranks like getting addicted to nicotine in their 30s and nobody bats an eyelash. There is no need for this guy to give the cops a reason to look for him. I don’t think they are worried about the guy that didn’t put on his skimask and told a cashier to give him money becoming the next Danny Ocean. But if there is cash missing, you are basically forcing them to plaster your face all over the news and you are forcing idiots like me to blog about the dumbass that forgot to put his mask on before robbing a store, thus plastering your face all over the internet.