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Is Press Secretary Sean Spicer Wearing An Upside Down American Flag Lapel Pin To Tell Us He's Being Held Hostage?

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Yo Sean! Pinch your ear if you you’re being held hostage! Lick your lips if you’re in danger! Blink if your family’s being held at gunpoint! We want to help you!

I feel bad for Sean Spicer a lot. He seems like a likable guy, like a good dude, like a sharp fella. But the press secretary’s job is not to say what he means, to speak his mind, to speak with what he determines to be good reasoning. His job is to stand out there in front of the entire world and deliver whatever the fuck the President wants him to deliver. He’s a puppet in every sense of the word (which is totally fine, if you believe in your guy).

Remember the inauguration crowd size drama? Perfect example of what I’m talking about… as former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer reminded us.

Sean, upside down flag lapel pin? Everything okay man? We’re trying to get the signs right. We’re not here to harm you we’re here to help you.