Lena Dunham Tries To Copy Rihanna With An Underboob Tattoo

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We need to hunt down the Tattoo Artist who inked up this bag of milk and have her license revoked. Because trying to copy Rihanna’s underboob angels on an uncooked Thanksgiving turkey is disrespecting the artform that is body ink. When a microwaved marshmallow glops her way into your parlor and asks for a tattoo the only thing you give her is a big dartboard on her belly with her button as the bullseye.

Giving anything pertaining to Rihanna to Lena Dunham is just not morally right. You know the 6 Degrees of Separation Theory? It doesnt apply to Rihanna and Lena Dunham. The 6 Million Degrees of Separation Theory doesnt apply to those two. Until now, unfortunately. There is no way natural way to connect the Popped Pimple to the hottest sexiest bad bitch walking the earth. It took some idiot tattoo artist to unnaturally link those them together.