Beyonce Is Looking Both Pregnant As Shit And Hot As Shit

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Lot of fetishes are a “you don’t know what you’re into until you see it…” situation and I gotta tell ya, feeling a little “I’m into pregnant chicks” tinge in my balls right now. Yeah, we could talk until we’re blue in the face about how Beyonce’s personality is insufferable, but I’m a superficial guy and superficially, pregnant Beyonce can officially get it. It’s a part of me I’m just now discovering, I’m having a sexual awakening, or a sexual re-birthing, if you will.

But it’s not an unheard of one. Plenty of times you can be fiddling on PornHub, scrolling through thumbnails and see something that makes you go, “Who thinks THAT is hot?” Accidentally click one of those thumbnails, however, and you can quickly learn that you are on of those people who find “THAT” genre hot. BDSM, speculums, feet, Bronies, whatever. On paper a lot of shit can sound gross, like pregnancy, but you get a loot at the right person doing it and you can find yourself in a dangerous rabbit hole. Beyonce just sent me into a pregnancy hole. Gotta love that expecting mother glow!