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Will Smith's New Netflix Show Is True Detective Meets Bad Boys Meets Lord Of The Rings

Set in an alternate present-day where humans, orcs, elves, and fairies have been co-existing since the beginning of time. Bright is genre-bending action movie that follows two cops from very different backgrounds. Ward (Will Smith) and Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), embark on a routine patrol night and encounter a darkness that will ultimately alter the future and their world as they know it.

I can’t even make heads or tails of it. This looks like it’s going to be the creepiest show of all time. We’ve got humans living in a world with orcs, elves, and fairies.

Sidenote: I had legit no idea what an orc was and had to look it up. Am I just out of touch with my middle Earth game that I was completely lost on that one. This apparently is an orc and I don’t know how Will Smith is gonna take this guy on. 

Screenshot (64)
This girl gives off the I’m trying to murder everyone on Earth vibe. Looks like the female version of the Night’s King if you ask me. Don’t fuck with this bitch.
Screenshot (60)
We’ve got The Thing from the Fantastic Four rocking a shotgun
Screenshot (61)
This thing from True Detective back at it again
Screenshot (62)
And Will Smith finding King Arthur’s sword
Screenshot (63)
Just an absolute shit storm of characters and evil creatures with Will Smith tasked to save the world once again. What drugs do these writers take when they come up with these plots? The whole teaser gives off an absolute terrifying vibe similar to Stranger Things where you were on the edge of your seat in every episode. Down for some weird shit let’s do this Will.