A Big-Assed Bikini Model Got Groped Twice By A Host During A Sun Tan Lotion Segment On TV, Smacked Him In The Mouth And Tore Up The Set

Here’s the full segment too, for further research:

News.com.au – Things got awry [during a peculiar sunscreen demonstration] when Brazilian fitness model Rayssa Teixeira Melo came out in a bikini and high heels to assist with the demonstration.

Melo, who was clearly uncomfortable with the host’s wandering hands, pushed him away a number of times telling him in Portuguese to not touch her bottom.

Not wanting him to touch her below the waist, she said: “No, that’s my bottom,” adding sarcastically, “Do you know this part, the bum?” as the show’s co-hosts looked increasingly nervous.

After the TV host cupped her bottom again, she slapped him on the chest and gave him a swift punch to his face.

After hitting him in a fit of rage, the model glared at someone off camera and then stormed off the television set calling him a ‘clown’. She later returned to the set only to throw a number of items from the set at the host.

Tough weekend for Brazilian asses on TV. But grope me once during a Brazilian sun-tan lotion application TV segment, shame on you…grope me twice during a Brazilian sun-tan lotion application TV segment, shame on me. Like Clem said in his blog this morning, you really don’t know what the lines are on Brazilian TV so it’s interesting to learn that boundaries do exist. I’d question what exactly this bikini chick, model Rayssa Teixeira Melo, expected given the situation where the segment seemingly existed only to let that dude attempt to sensually rub lotion on her and since it’s Brazil, a country not exactly known for the subtlety of male courtship. And even though I know that typically in most civilized nations you don’t give smooth little butt groping moods to unconsenting chicks, given that it was Brazil I half-expected some other chick in a bikini to come out with Maracas to kick off their special Penetre Seu Traseiro No Sábado segment.

Anyway despite all that the fact that this big bootied Brazilian chick attacked a show host and the people on-set responded like a wild animal was going after them cracked me up. Well-deserved and entertaining effort by Rayssa in my opinion so given that and the general creepiness of bringing chicks in to lotion them up — I’m assuming we’re not allowed to do that for a Barstool video so it makes it easier to get on my soapbox — it’s a decision in her favor according to Judge Spags. Here’s hoping her ass stays safely unmolested on live television from here on, it deserves that much from what I can tell:

…sigh, see you guys on Mike In Brazil.