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John Kruk Is Opening A Philly Cheesesteak Spot Where His Delicacies Will Feature...Mayonnaise? Huh?

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PhillyMag – Kruk’s Steak Shop is scheduled to open in late February, Kruk told us. “We’ve been doing a lot of taste testing,” he says. “I probably had three or four cheesesteaks just the other day. My favorite is with American cheese, grilled onions, ketchup and mayo. I love a ketchup and mayo mix.” You’re a legend, John, but mayo? “Yeah, I’ve had people question me about the mayo part,” he explains. “Remember, though. I’m not from Philly.” At Kruk’s Steak Shop, you’ll be able to build your own sandwich or choose from a specialty sandwich menu that includes plenty of Phillies nostalgia: The Krukker is Kruk’s own mayo version; Mitch Williams gets a nod with The Wild Thing (chicken steak, buffalo sauce, and American cheese or blue cheese ranch dressing); Darren Daulton is channeled in The Dutch (roast pork, sharp provolone and broccoli rabe); or, if you prefer long hots over the broccoli rabe, order a Chooch. “We already have a bunch of Primo’s Hoagies down here,” says Kruk, referring to himself and his partners. “We bought a majority of the Florida territory to open Primo’s Hoagies. And the steak shop is my next step.” Of course, the one really important question is this: Where is he going to get his bread? We all know that you can’t get real bread in Florida. “I can promise you that it will come from a Philadelphia bakery,” insists Kruk. “But I can’t tell you which one yet. We’re still finalizing everything and testing things out. We have tried every cheesesteak place in Philly.”

Mayo? On a cheesesteak? Uno momento, por favor.


I’m not going to be an extreme cheesesteak hardo on this one. I get there are different strokes for different folks. And if there’s one person I’m not going to question his taste of food/alcohol/life, it’s John Kruk. The man at least thinks he knows what he’s doing. And while I may question the mayo at least The Kruker’s other offerings sound delicious. In fact, just let me live off The Wild Thing and The Dutch and call it a life. If they’re as good as they sound I could be in for a diabetic sayanora, if you will. Anything past the age of 35 and I’m on borrowed time anyway, so fuck it. What’s there to lose? Well, other than a couple fingers and toes to the dreaded Type-2. But you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain, and Oswald Cobblepot I shall become. And tbh I would die for that ’93 Phils team, anyways, so it’ll be a noble way to go out.

One thing’s for damn sure, I NEED to do a taste test of this spot with the Kruker himself. Or just go ham on some ribs while we’re both supposed to be working on camera. ‘Tis the dream.