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Grandma Dies After Stranger Hits Her With A Vicious Left Hook

NY Post- The church-going granny who was cold-cocked by a heartless ex-con on a Queens street has died, police said.

Eve Gentillon, 69, a retired home health aide, died Saturday, about four months after the senseless attack, police said late Tuesday.

Richard “Kwasi” Springer, 29, was arrested nearly two weeks after the Oct. 15 attack…

Springer, who tried to pay $1 for a $3.50 can of Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita, then fled with a stolen can of beer, officials said. He has 10 prior arrests dating back to 2003, police said.

Ok. I know what you’re all thinking–this story is too messed up, too dark, even for me. But there’s a major piece of this story that makes it fair game: the grandmother died 4 months after the attack. This made me think that she might have died from something totally unrelated to this outrageous punch. So I started digging.

NY Daily News- The punch knocked Gentillon to the ground. She was out cold with a fatal brain hemorrhage.

Ok, I was wrong. She died from the punch. Pretty sick story after all. But now I’ve written too much and read too many sentences not to finish the blog. Almost feels like it would be disrespectful to Grammy Eve not to tell her story.

Let’s start with WHY this happened. Richard Springer was trying to buy a can of BUD LIGHT LIME STRAW-BER-RITA. We’re sponsored by Bud Light so I’ll just say man, this guy has good taste in tropical smoothie-flavored beers. He only had $1 and the BLLSBR was $3.50 because, in fairness, it’s so much more than a beer. This led to what I would describe as an overreaction. Springer brawled with the cashier, who deserves some credit. Guy was rope-a-doping like Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle, waiting for a clinch before delivering a satisfying dick punch.

Once Springer realized the gig was up, he walked out of the store. Sadly, Eve Gentillon, church-going grandmother of 2, was standing right in his path. In a senseless act of cowardice, he knocked her out cold and, although she hung on for 4 months, she has just died. Huge dick move obviously from Springer. I can understand wanting a BLLSBR so badly that you’re willing to punch anyone in sight just to get that delicious pink liquid down your gullet. But I think we all draw the line at grandmothers. And women in general. And children. And old men. And invalids. But if you run into a young man your age, in perfect health, who is trying to stop you from drinking your favorite… candy-flavored product, well, swing away.