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Introducing: #Mickstape - Barstool's Brand New NBA Podcast

I know what you’re thinking: finally, a Barstool Sports podcast. What were they waiting for? How could they have gone on for days and months and years without ever creating not even one podcast? It’s unfathomable. Logic-defying. Truly, deeply asinine.

But we made it. Finally, Davey Dave Portnoy and his big brain decided to give us a podcast. Who is “us”? It me, Coley Mick, along side your favorite tweeter’s favorite tweeter, Trill Withers aka @TylerIAm.

Why choose us for Barstool’s first and only basketball podcast? Is it because we can crunch the numbers like Zach Lowe? Not even a little bit. Is it because we played at a high level, like college or professionally overseas or something? Also, no. Basically back in October we just started recording, prompting Dave to yell at me for a half hour for going on Pardon My Take behind his back and advertising Mickstape as a Barstool property before he even knew it existed. Then, after four short months and 19 episodes of him cooling off, he finally agreed to make money off of our show that requires him to do absolutely nothing. What a pal.

So do yourself a favor and smash that subscribe button on iTunes and support the strongest empire in the podcasting world.