Turns Out Mayweather And McGregor Haven't Agreed To Anything And Round And Round We Go

An Irish newspaper reported yesterday that Floyd and Conor agreed on terms to a fight, and was only being held up by Dana White. Turn out that was FAKE NEWS, at least according to Floyd who released the above statements saying nothing was agreed upon…but he did agree it was UFC/Dana holding it up.

McGregor then of course responded via Twitter with this:

Oh, good one.

I think I hate both of these guys now. Back in my day, when people wanted to fight, they’d fight. They didn’t hop on Twitter and take pot shots at each other. They threw hands. They got rough n rowdy. How much longer can the two of them make stupid tweets at each other until everyone is completely over it and stops caring if they end up fighting or not? Can’t be too much longer, as it has gone on long enough already.

It seems Dana White is the reason this can’t get done, so let’s just move on from it until McGregor’s contract is up. It makes sense for Dana not to want his biggest drawl hopping into a boxing ring. So either Dana gets a big chunk of it, or we wait. But enough of this 3rd grade girl tweeting circus, it’s now lost it’s charm and is making me not really care at all.