I Might Not Be Able To Sleep Tonight After Seeing These Lines For A Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop

Circa- About 40 hours before Kylie Jenner’s NYC pop-up shop opened on Monday at 10 a.m.,  a handful of fans started hanging around the SoHo spot to be the first customers. And the line kept growing. Kylie sent out the location to her 85.7 million followers less than a week ago. Fans lined up around the block to buy Kylie’s cosmetics and brand-new clothing line. Some of the first people in line had been waiting since 5 p.m. Saturday. The Kylie Shop officially opens online tomorrow on Valentine’s Day.

I’m scared. I need my mommy. It’s intimidating to live in a world in which people stand on a line for 40 hours to visit a pop-up shop at their own will. If I’m waiting for 40 hours I should get emailed a nude of Kylie with a redeemable access code so I know what I worked for. You know what you could do with 40 hours of your time? You could sit back, relax, and watch the Godfather Trilogy along with the Star Wars Saga and maybe the original American Pies with a few jerk offs all mixed in. I’d rather be on the run from Jason Voorhees than deal with this mess:

Look at the shape of those people! That’s a mob. Did Jesus even have that many people backing him during his heyday of preaching before Judas did his dirty deed? I doubt it. Mercer Street was literally shut down by Kylie Jenner. Not the President. Not Leo DiCaprio. Not Jon Taffer. Kyle Jenner shut down a street during rush hour in NYC so people could buy makeup. Whole bunch of nightmares on deck tonight.