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DeSean Jackson Says He Wants To Be In DC Long-Term

“Biggest thing I can say, I think my numbers and my production on the field speaks for itself,” he told Michael. “So obviously I do want to still be here: family, my house, I have everything here. I don’t want to be in a transaction, moving and getting all that stuff together. So I’ll say first things first, I do want to be here, and hopefully we can make it work. But once again, this is a business. It’s the NFL. Things happen.

First things first, because it’s the obvious thing, of course he wasn’t going to go on Larry Michaels’ show and be like “I want to play on the Eagles”. That woulda been a very short and awkward interview. Like hey DeSean, you wanna come back to DC next year? Nope, Fly Eagles Fly, bitches! So of course he was going to say the right things and drum up support around DC and be all charming n shit.

But I think I kinda believe him? He likes playing for Gruden. He makes up an injury and sits out basically every practice and they let him do it. If Kirk comes back, he was a pretty good rapport with him. And his family is all here. Plus, this sounds maybe ridiculous, but the Skins are building towards a good thing and he sees that.

I think ultimately he won’t stay here because the money is better spent in other places, and the Skins already have Crowder and Doctson on board to replace DeSean. There’s always a chance he takes a discount though, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The big rumor, of course, is that if he leaves it will be to go back to Philly. I’m not sure why he would want to play the last couple of peak seasons of his career for a team that isn’t ready to compete yet. Sure Wentz looks to be the truth, but they are a while away from contending, meanwhile the Skins have lots of pieces already in place. Plus, I wouldn’t want to play him twice a year.

While DeSean’s time in DC has been a roller coaster of “hate him one day, love him the next” caliber, he ultimately became a drama-free, team guy, who is well liked by coaches and teammates. Having him back next season for a reasonable price would certainly be best for business.