Deion Sanders Says the Colts Were Notorious for Stealing Signals


WEEIIn the wake of the Patriots’ Super Bowl win over the Falcons, Deion Sanders of NFL Network said that the Colts stole signals and no one said anything about it. …

“Those same critics, did they say anything about the wins that the Indianapolis Colts had? You want to talk about that too? Because they were getting everybody’s signals,” Sanders said after the game on NFL Network. “Come on, you don’t walk up to the line and look over here and the man on the sideline giving you the defense that they’ve stolen the plays of. We all knew. LT knew. Everybody in the NFL knew. We just didn’t let the fans know. That was real and that was happening in Indy.”

So an NFL Hall of Famer, one of the Top 100 players of all time and an employee of the league’s own network says the Colts under Tony Dungy – the holier-than-thou St. Anthony of Indianapolis – and Golden Child Peyton Manning were regularly getting every opponent’s signals. It was common knowledge around the league. Fans weren’t told. And the NFL never did anything about it. Go figure.

The beautiful thing is, there was a time this might have bothered me, but that time is not now. I’m still in that after-sex refractory period where nothing can bother me. This is like your wife telling you you have to visit her mom this weekend when you’re in that post-nut half asleep state.  Oh, our major archrival who ripped the 2006 AFC championship game right out of our hands was notorious for stealing signals and no one said anything? That’s nice. Whatever you want to do. Zzzzz…

I’m sure Dungy is right when he says the way he stole signals was completely on the level. Because he is a good Christian and would never bend a rule to give his team a competitive advantage because that would be wrong. So Bill Belichick basically got the Death Penalty for having a camera in the non-designated camera area and Dungy never had to answer for this until now. So Belichick has been despised for nine years and Dungy is America’s beloved, preachy, judgmental uncle. So Manning won a title with the benefit of stolen signals while people try to throw asterisks at Tom Brady like they’re ninja stars. I appreciate Prime Time finally coming clean on this, but I’m in too good a mood to worry about it. Congratulations to Dungy, Manning and the Colts for beating the rap on this.