Welp It's Official, Phil Jackson Has Lost His Damn Marbles

Live look at Madison Square Garden:

Hey Zen Master, how’s it goink? You need help old man? Has the pressure of New York or the fear of getting worked over in yet another trade too much? If I wasn’t concerned enough about Phil moving Melo for a bag of magic beans, this tweet didn’t help matters. I mean there is a chance that Phil tells Steve Mills to get the Supersonics GM on the phone or tells the Knicks to have Vancouver before a road game against the Grizzlies, right? Because that tweet is a goddamn brain twister, even if I know it’s about an article basically saying Melo will never change.

Since arriving, Jackson has switched out every player on the roster around Anthony—almost two times over. It’s fair to question whether he brought in the right players, but the goal in his three offseasons, as different as they were, was to give Anthony established veterans and thus a chance at real teamwork, even as Kristaps Porzingis is learning the nuances of the NBA.

But Anthony is who he is, addicted to his individual success no matter the experience or insight put around him to teach him something more. After posting a career-high 4.2 assists per game last season, Anthony has regressed on that front, averaging his lowest number of assists (2.9 per game) since 2012-13. The great irony of it is that his 2014 decision to re-sign with the Knicks should have told Jackson all he needed to know about his will to win.

Anthony could have turned down Jackson’s offer—no-trade clause, 15 percent trade kicker and all—to go to the potentially title-ready Chicago Bulls. It would have entailed sacrificing money and settling for the “Second City,” which Anthony deemed beneath him while also shuddering at the prospect of the glitzy “Melo” brand in Houston or Dallas.

via B/R

Just typical Phil being Phil (which also means a smug asshole). Dude has double entendres for days and hidden meanings for weeks to prove to everyone he is the smartest guy in the room, nonsensical ramblings be damend. But despite all this basketball, book, and life knowledge, he still can’t put a decent, let alone competitive team on the court. What a fucking joke.

And to be honest, I’m kinda pissed that Phil hasn’t called me out on Twitter yet. Do I need to blog about how much I hate watching this team drown with Melo to get his attention? Say how I’d rather have never experienced the “good old days” of the 90s if it meant I wouldn’t have had to be a Knicks fan in the 2000s? Please tell me Phil. I will say whatever it takes for you to throw out a maybe cryptic, maybe senile tweet about me. If I have to watch this dumpster fire on my TV 29 more times this season, at least let some of the flames keep me warm during these cold months.