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When Taking Your Senior Pictures Make Sure To Avoid The Giant Penis Graffiti

Classic dick joke stuff right here. “Ahhhhhh that’s such a good picture. She’ll remember this time in her life forevANNNNNNNNNND THERE’S A GIANT PENIS ON THE WALL” Brutal. Do we think the camera man actually didn’t see it? Or did see it and conveniently decided to say anything? Her parents are lucky that their daughter seems cool about the whole thing. Cause it could’ve gone the COMPLETE other direction. Like in a really really bad direction. Some daughters would’ve seen that, assumed their life was over and become a completely different person right before they leave for college. That has downward-spiral-towards-slutville written all over it. While we’re here, I can’t believe people still pay for senior pictures. That seems outdated. iPhone cameras are nowadays. Better than just about any camera on the market (prob not true but roll with it). It’d be a lot easier and whole hell of a lot cheaper to use your phone and post it on Facebook.