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Lady Gaga Rappelled Off The Roof And Then Put On An A+ Halftime Show Of Smash Hits

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 7.10.15 AM

I said it on September 19th and I’ll say it again now, Lady Gaga is an great pick to headline the Super Bowl halftime show. Hit after hit, jam after jam, and a live performance for the ages. And she did not disappoint. Even the most “rabble rabble I’m a man, rabble rabble pick up trucks and power tools” person at your Super Bowl party sat there in awe, singing along to Poker Face and Bad Romance.

From the moment the drones made the American flag in the sky

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 7.51.52 AM

And then she jumped off the fucking roof


This performance had no quit. And she seemed to be singing it live, too! You think Beyonce would sing live? Fergie? Hell to the no. Gaga was out there putting on a fucking clinic. I was out of breath watching her run around the stage singing, so she must be a fucking marathon runner or something because that was possibly the most impressive display of cardiovascular health I’ve ever seen.

When the halftime picks come out, everyone is quick to poo-poo them because they always go the Katy Perry/Beyonce/Lady Gaga routes, and every time the shows crush it, and Lady Gaga had the entire timeline being Little Monsters last night, and nobody is ashamed to admit it.