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A Guy Beat Up His Poor Lawyer For Losing His Case And His Kids In Court

No better way to prove to a court that you’re a stable and capable parent than taking a trial loss to heart so badly that you’re throwing haymakers at your lawyer. As your former court liaison picks his teeth up off the floor and wonders why he ever tried to help people, that’s really a moment a judge takes notice and says “Yes, I want this human having an active role in raising another generation.” That is definitely how it works.

The one thing I will give the guy credit for: Nice to see someone work the body in a street fight video. Flashy one-punch KOs get all the headlines but this dude was too small to land a clean shot on the jaw. Working the ribs a little got him the shot at the back of the head he was looking for. Still think he’s an idiot who shouldn’t be allowed to procreate let alone rear children into adulthood but I will give him credit for a quality fight plan.

PS RIP Q from Worldstar. As Caleb said yesterday in the office, he was basically Black Pres (minus some of the t shirt sales and boozy brunches). May men shouting your name during trashy fights carry on the legacy of what you built forever.