DeAndre Jordan Airballing Freethrows Was The Most Electric A Sixers Crowd Has Been In A Generation...And I LOVE IT

There is NOTHING like good basketball in the Philadelphia area. Whether it’s the Sixers, a Big 5 contest at the Palestra, or even a pick up game in North Philly, shit is gonna get intense. However, for obvious tankage reasons, the mojo given off by those attending 76ers games have been lacking in recent seasons. For more obvious reasons (Baby Jesus JoJo and a glimmer of hope), Sixers crowds have been amazing all year, but this – THIS sort of electricity truly means the fans are back. And I’ve become to despise using the overused term “Electric”, but there’s simply no other way to describe this scene. Pure giddyness not out of celebration for your team, but at the expense of the others. DeAndre Jordan is quite possibly the worst free-throw shooter in NBA history, and in case he didn’t know that the South Philly faithful will chime in with a friendly reminder. Also, that’s 6 straight W’s at home for the Sixers. Nobody, and I mean nobody, comes into our house, and pushes us around (previous 3 seasons, notwithstanding).

Oh, and as far as the game, the Sixers were without Embiid (and Okafor but whatevs) and STILL whipped up on one of the better teams in the Western Conference. 8 different players were in the game for 20 minutes last night. EIGHT!!! And Holmes clocked in 19 and the Frenchman putting in 13 off the bench. ANYONE calling for Brett Brown’s balls should be forced to apologize immediately and gravel to their new king. This guy is doing so much with so little right now, and I can’t even fathom what he’s going to be able to do with Grade-A Prime Meat NBA Talent. RIP Hinkie, but let’s start showing more respect for one of the men who helped shape the Spurs dynasty, and is now doing the same for the Sixers.