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If It's A Fight In The UFC Octagon Tim Marchman Wants, It's A Fight In The UFC Octagon He's Gonna Get


Deadspin Editor in Chief Tim Marchman

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Absolutely Savage MMA Fighter Robbie Fox


It’s hard to tell whether or not Timmy just made the best decision or the worst mistake of his life. I mean, on one hand, I’m gracing him with a huge payday in pageviews. Deadspin desperately needs every click they can get, and I’m sure there’s hundreds of thousands of people who have never heard of them may give their homepage a click.

On the other hand, I’m gonna have to bury him deeper than Ted Cruz and Hulk Hogan combined. It’s just going to be a ruthless, one sided fight. Did he even see how one sided my last fight was? That was against a ruthless fighter in the UFC. Imagine what I could do to the EIC of a failing website! Sad!!!

So far, it’s been a little over an hour and a half with no response. I’ll let you guys know when the confirmed bitch emails me back. Until then, you can let him know that the Why Not Gang would like a word with him.

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