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Jahlil Okafor's Dad Is Now Threatening To Smack The Shit Out Of People Who Make Fun Of His Son On Twitter

Get him, Papa Jah! It’s nice to see some fathers getting super aggressive over a harmless joke about their son on the Internet. Hey, Pops, I think somebody this week called me a “Flaming, unfunny fagatron who deserves to die in a fire of AIDS”. I must of missed his pointless rebuttal in the comment section that would’ve amounted to absolutely nothing. It’s a shame to see Big Jah get overlooked by the living Black Jesus in Embiid, but he doesn’t need his Dad coming down from the rafters giving him unwanted attention. If Okafor wants that he can just get caught going Ludicrous Speed over the Ben Franklin Bridge. Or get in a fist fight with Massholes in Boston who were chirping the Sixers outside a bar. Or get a gun pulled on him in Olde City. Oh, he’s done all of that already? Maybe then just pick up the game and be the best possible trade bait you can be. Somebody out there is gonna bite.