Did El Pres Cause A Plane To Land Because His Charcuterie Selection Wasnt Up To Par?

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I’m not saying that Pageviews caused an in-air incident whilst flying the friendly skies with Delta, but I’m sure as shit not saying he didn’t. A rich person can’t and shouldn’t be served simpleton deli meats as part of a charcuterie plate. It’s insulting to the elevated palate. Everybody knows that. There needs to be prosciutto or some chorizo at the very least, so we can all understand Dave’s frustration to a degree.

I think that he should have just sucked it up and ordered a nice meal when he landed. That’s what I would have done, but I’m not a millionaire so maybe I’m not fit to comment.

Regardless of your socioeconomic standing, we can all agree that throwing two pearl onions into a dish with an unsightly pickle and calling it a day is outrageous. Terrorism levels of outrage? Probably not, but it’s fucking close.