A Hotel Clerk Went On An A+ Tirade Of The Year On Some Dude Who Threw Pillows At A Housecleaning Woman Like An Asshole

Now that is how you stand up for your employees at a Days Inn in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The part that I loved about it is how when she saw how disrespectfully the guy was treating her and how he tried to make it a black thing, she brought the hood out just enough to completely tear this dude apart. Is that the best customer service when a customer has an issue with housekeeping interrupting his sleep? No, probably not. In fact, I’m not sure I’d want this woman in any consumer-facing job besides maybe interracial dominatrix (you just know she’d gleefully tear into some white banker dude who’s into being treated like shit because he’s so powerful during the day). But that’s just a good human move to stick up for a coworker/employee when some guy makes things physical, even if it were just pillows.

Plus this dude pretty clearly seems like scum…he lives in Tulsa and he’s staying in a Days Inn on some other chick’s dime with time to film people during confrontations? It all sounds like he’s clearly in some sort of adultery situation. So he’s either cucking some dude, stepping out on his chick, all the while abusing poor housekeepers who might not even speak English who just want to bring slightly cleaner and less cum stained linens into the world, being kind of an aggressive dick to his girl when she tries to talk at various points, making shitty value judgments on people he’s starting shit with, dude just sucks all around. I’m not saying he deserves to go to jail for it but a little lump in coal in his stocking or thrown steaming hot squarely between his eyes this year seems reasonable.