IKEA Is Being Forced To Tell Teens To Stop Having Sleepovers In Their Stores Cause Apparently That's A Thing

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Fortune- IKEA is telling teenagers to stop sneaking into its stores and having illegal sleepovers, the BBC reports. The furniture giant has recorded about 10 “non-sponsored sleepovers” across the world this year. The craze appears to have been started by YouTube users in Belgium over the summer. Their video, which has garnered 1.7 million views, shows their illicit activities, like jumping on beds, after they hid in a wardrobe for three hours to avoid being discovered by the store’s employees. The most recent incident occurred in Jonkoping, Sweden, when 14-year-old girls were caught by IKEA employees after spending the night at a store. Though those teenagers are not being charged, another pair of 15-year-olds girls in Malmo, Sweden, who were caught in October, were not so fortunate. Those girls—too fearful of setting off the store’s alarm—were reported to police for trespassing when they were found in the morning.

How weird are teenagers? Super weird for breaking into IKEAs to hang out but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sit here and slander sleepovers. I can’t do it. I won’t do it. Sleepovers were the BOMBBBBBBBBBB as a kid. They’re like anything else where they got less cool as you got older but those first sleepovers as a kid were the bees knees. Simply getting a yes from both sets of parents might’ve been the best part. Seems weird now since as an adult you can do whatever you ant but it meant everything back then. “You mean I can hang out at another person’s house for the night, drink all of their Mt. Dew and play video games until 3 am? LET’S. FUCKING. GOOOOOOOOOO.” It was the best. Nowadays “sleepovers” with friends are basically when a friend comes home for the holidays, doesn’t wanna deal with their parents nagging them so you go out, get drunk and their lifeless body sleeps on your couch. Still great but not nearly as great as the sleepovers from your youth. Those were pure magic. So I say do your thing, 2016 teens. Break into those IKEAs and create those memories that will last a lifetime. Authorities be damned.