Angry, Disappointed Stan Van Gundy Is One Of My Favorite Stan Van Gundys

No coach on the planet can beat a good Stan Van rant. Not Pop, Torts, or BB. SVG can do it in so many ways. The Raving Madman Shrieking At The Moon. The Slow Boil. And then this, The Quiet But Deliberate Disrespect Of His Own Team. I don’t know if the Van Gundy parents were the most miserable people on Earth or what, but they’ve raised two gems. I mean I can understand Jeff always being miserable. He’s looked like the saddest person on Earth for 54 years and counting. But Stan should be a goddamn delight. Yeah he looks like Ron Jeremy. But Ron Jeremy also has a giant dick (I’ve heard). I’d give anything to look like a dude that has a giant dick. The disappointment in the bedroom was going to happen regardless, but at least your chances of having someone to disappoint in your bedroom raises exponentially when you at least look like a guy that has a big dick.

Obligatory Stan Van Gundy “Lets form a fucking wall” Vine: