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Biggest Grinch Ever Runs Up On Frosty The Snowman And Stabs Him Dead

Hey! Get back here! What did that snowman ever do to you?! Absolutely ruthless. A drive-by stabbing. You don’t see that everyday. It was so thought out and planned, too. They were meticulous. I felt like we were watching a mob hit. “Alright park right here and keep the car running while I whack this fat fuck.” Starting at the 32 second mark is maybe the saddest/funniest thing these two eyes have ever seen. Just happy ol’ Frosty the Snowman slowly deflating as air/blood/snow spills outta the gaping wound in his midsection. There HAS to be more to this story. You’d have to be The Joker to simply run up on a random snowman, stab its guts out and speed away with zero motive. My best guess is there’s an affair involved. That guy found out that his wife was cheating on him with the guy who puts a big snowman in his front yard. So what do you do? Hit’em where it hurts. Gut that big snowman like a fish. What a fucking Grinch. Happy Holidays I guess.

h/t john