Hitting Yourself In The Head With The Ball Is A Great Way To Lose a Tennis Match

There are ways to lose games, and there are ways to win games, and this my friends, is strongly on the side of the former and not the latter. When you are playing professional tennis it is not in your best interest to toss the ball into the air, swing your racket at nothing, and have the ball hit you on the head. That is a 1-way road to losing. The tennis greats like Andres Agassi, Anna Kournikova, and that hot Russian who Ovi dated never pulled stunts like this.

However, on the contrary, did you know who Kiki Bertens was before 3 minutes ago? If you’re going to lose a match, might as well lose it with style. Grab some headlines. Get on some reels. Get your name out there. No such thing as bad publicity, and tennis could always use more of it. Kiki could have just spawned a franchise of wacky ways to lose tennis matches. Now it’s must see TV to see how she’ll lose next.