ESPN College Football Host Says He Hates Clemson And Openly Roots Against Them Because Their Fans Are Jerks On Twitter


I don’t have any team I root for or any team I root against. I just love college football as a whole. I have gone through this season trying to be as unbiased and impartial as humanly possible. If there is any one thing that has come from my first season hosting a college football television show it is you have given me a reason to have a rooting interest. But it’s not a rooting interest for it’s a rooting interest against. I am here to tell you all that I now actively root against Clemson. Not just now and not just until the end of the year but until you guys turn it around. When I say you guys, I don’t mean anything on the field. I mean all of you jerks on social media. You sit there, and you watch TV, and you say that you want players to act like they represent the school. You say you want your coaches to act like they represent the school. And then you represent the school like jerks on social media. I’m tired of it. You guys are now the reason I am anti-Clemson.

What a rant! I loved that. Not because of the school but just the fact that he did it in general. I mean do I hate Clemson? Absolutely not. Usually root for them actually because I’m a big Dabo guy. Never had an issue with any of their fans or anything, on the contrary they’ve always been pretty cool and send us funny shit all the time. But if they shit on me on Twitter all the time and told me to kill myself because of my Krispy Kreme opinions you better believe I’d hate their guts. Any fan base that was constantly a dick to me I would hate. That’s just human nature. To assume these guys can just ignore all that and not let it affect them is crazy, everybody knows the “unbiased” part is bullshit. Glad one person finally came out and admitted it.

RIP his mentions though, real talk.