Poor Kid Gets His Ankles Snapped, Comes Back For More, Gets Them Snapped Again In My Favorite High School Hoops Clip Ever

There are so many incredible dunks and posterizations and crossovers on the internet on a daily basis but no joke this might be my absolute favorite. Not just the fact there were two ankle breaking crossovers and the obligatory awesome crowd and bench reaction. But the fact that the kid got shook so bad, came back, specifically asked for it again, and then got shook again instantly. Incredible. And then the way it was immortalized on social media.

Seriously is this the most devastating crossover and Instagram caption re: the crossover combo of all time?


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.54.55 AM

It wasn’t ya shoes homeboy!

Stick to social studies and free throws young blood.

Adopting all those catchphrases instantly.


Reminded me of such a sneaky underrated clip from last year, the Ohio State dude slapping the floor and promptly getting blown by and having to foul.