Tiger Just Made Two Eagles On The Front 9 During The Pro Am So Get On The Bandwagon Or Get Out The Way #MakeSundaysGreatAgain

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Is this an overreaction blog? No. It’s not. It’s a call to action for anyone who wants to hop on the Tiger Woods bandwagon while they still have the chance. If you’re a diehard Tiger guy like me then you’ve probably already bought a shirt. Maybe buy another one. Our guy Eldrick is dropping eagles all over the damn place in the Bahamas. It’s a sign of things to come when he tees it up for real tomorrow. This blog is for the people who remain skeptical of Tiger’s return to brilliance. It’s time to come over to the right side of history. Buy a shirt and join in on the fun. Do that and you can tell people you knew he was gonna be awesome again all along.  #MakeSundaysGreatAgain