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Lebron's Choreographed Sideline Dance Is The Lamest Thing In the History of Lebron and Ohio

Is their a bigger attention whore/scumbag/fraud/front runner than Lebron James? I don’t care if you are a Lebron fan or not. I don’t care if you are an Ohio State fan or not. This was the lamest fucking thing I’ve ever seen from this clown and those are fighting words. The fact he had a choreographed sideline dance is so fucking Bron Bron it hurts. And you know he told the cameras to be ready for it too. Because no matter what this clown says it always has to be about him. FUCK THIS GUY. So great to see Michigan jam it down his fucking face. You’d never catch a Michigan Man making it all about himself like this. THE TEAM! THE TEAM! THE TEAM!